Consumers Spoke - We Listen - And Now We Sell To Them Only The Best Selling Type Of Human Hair Extensions & Weave Based On USA Market Research - No More Confusing & Corrupted 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, & 9A Hair Grades To Choose From - Buy Only The Most Popular Selling Kind Of Human Hair Today

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USA (Quality Type) Best Selling Hair Weave Remy Collection List

Best Weave Hair To Buy Is What We Sell Based On USA Market Research

We know it is a bold statement but we can back it up by using data. Here is how. We collect our Human Hair Marketing Data from many reliable professional businesses and resources like Manufactures, Exporters, Importers, Hair Stylists, Salons, Hair Stores and Vendors but not your near by Beauty Supply Store to confirm and to answer many peoples question. "What is the best weave hair to buy"?  This is a very simple questions to answer and you really know the answer to this already. Try to guess before reading on.  

The answer to that question is to buy the most well liked hair that everyone else is buying in the United States. The next question you will ask. How do I know what everyone else is buying? (I'm laughing now). The answer to that question is;  You just going to have to trust us. (We do have a 14 day touch and feel satisfaction guarantee return policy). 

To help you with your decision. We only sell the top selling Extensions that is in high demand without the need to use the unreliable 100% Human Hair Extensions Grading System that causes confusion when purchasing hair and that can also be corrupted. 

If you bought Human Hair around ten years ago, remember when Human Hair had a grading system like 3A being the cheapest hair and 4A being sold as a better quality type of hair and with 5A hair being the best hair to buy. Well look no further. We are now up to 9A. Hair Grades 3A, 4A, and 5A are now becoming obsolete. 

When the consumers speaks. We listen then we deliver to them the leading top selling Type (Quality) Of Human Hair Extensions in America based on Human Hair sales reported. By doing this we cut out the Hair Grade confusion when our customers come to buy hair from our Hair Weave Website. At this time the type of quality Brazilian Remy Sew In Human Hair Extensions that we offer is in very high demand especially with Black Women living in the States today. 

Why we do not use data from Beauty Supply Stores? Because unlike our Online Hair Store, some Hair Companies business strategy is to make Human Hair affordable to everyone by selling cheaper quality hair for the cheapest price. For this reason you may not find our U.S. most popular 100% Premium Remy and Virgin Human Hair Weave Extensions in your local near by Beauty Supply Store because it is a supreme type of Weave that can make the price go up high enough to keep some people from buying the premier hair product versus buying the cheaper Hair Extension that fits their budget. 


Thank you so much. I have been searching and searching and buying and buying bad hair until my Stylist told me about  the hair she uses. Good hair and the price wasn't bad either.

Sonya Thomas

I have been a Hair Stylist for 12 years now. This is some good quality hair. This is the type of hair that I sometimes come across on but It is always a hit or miss. Now I know where to go.  


Wow! Beautiful hair. My Hair Stylist asked me where I bought it from. She just order herself 15 bundles for a Hair Show. 

Cindy .B

Our Remy Versus Virgin 100% Human Hair

Gold and white Remy Human Hair Weave retail package

Remy Hair

Our type of Remy Hair quality is America's #1 Selling Hair Type. Why? It has good quality with lower prices than our Virgin Hair. It is mainly sought after by Black Women because bleaching and dying to lighter colors than 8# is not needed. This hair type is by a single young donor with in line hair cuticles (Remy) that has been processed for beauty.

White and Gold Virgin Human Hair Extensions retail package

Virgin Remy Hair

Our Virgin Hair is the most Elite Human Hair Extensions of its kind. However it comes at a higher cost. Maybe this is why this type of Human Hair is not America's best selling hair type. This hair allows for bleaching, and you can dye to any color particular to lighter colors than 8# that Remy Hair is not recommended for. This hair is by a single young donor without being processed (Virgin). Hair Cuticles are in line (Remy). Out of Stock Coming Soon.

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